What We Offer

Our goal is to emerge as an alternative advertising medium, other than social media & out of home medium. Key focus is to partner with all food aggregators and restaurants to support and expand their market size through digital advertising platform.

How our ecosystem of advertisement can benefit you.

  • Individual Delivery Rider : Generate additional income; more you deliver more you earn.
  • Aggregators : Advertise its partners or others; capture bigger market share and offset the rider cost.
  • Restaurants : Making your own deliveries ? Then advertise your brand, your campaigns, your offers; why not to showcase “who you are”.
  • Cloud Kitchen : why to limit yourself through on cloud or App, now you can put your name across the city, make your brand known.

In line with our future business strategy and performing detailed market survey of delivery market requirements and we are proposing two business models to suits everyone’s needs.

In both the business plans we will provide full handover training, software to runs the ads or we can seamlessly connect with your delivery platform through our APIs

(Partner Managed Services)

We will lease out the boxes at fixed monthly and one off set up fee.
The benefits are endless.

  • Take full control of the advertisements
  • Charge any premium from your customers i.e. location, time etc
  • Revenue generated is simply yours.

(RedCube Managed Services)

Just pay one off setup fee and lets us manage the advertisement. We will share set % of profit with you/or allocate advertisement space to you.
Benefits, still endless,

  • No hassle to acquire customers.
  • No separate advertisement team.
  • No need to worry about monthly lease fee.
  • Just deliver and earn additional income.

(Partner Managed Services)

RedCube will lease out the DD Boxes at fixed monthly cost to aggregators/ restaurants. All the ads on the DD Box shall be managed by Lessee to run their own ads i.e., promotions, offers, branding etc.


(RedCube Managed Services)

RedCube will provide DD boxes to the restaurants/aggregators for minimum monthly lease cost as setup and maintenance fee. There will be either allocation of some ad space to delivery partners or share the ads profit with them. All the ads space shall be managed and sold by RedCube and its local advertisement agencies.

Potential Use Cases

Augmenting Campaigns

By leveraging the fleet you can augment its major campaigns across
the city and stay top of minds

Tactical Campaigns

You will be able to sell more advertising packages to add value to its
preferred restaurants (Competitive drive, time sensitive, location focused)

Revenue Enhancement

You can leverage the technology to augment its tactical campaign
(Zonal approach, offline footfall, road safety)

Exclusive Deals

By leveraging additional real estate you can compliment its value added
offering a cost effective way.