What We Do

We bring together the team of innovators, engineers, and power of Artificial Intelligence to design and manufacture ecosystem of Digital Delivery Box

So simple but why it’s not done yet ? 

Todays’ delivery motor Bike has only one electric source that is “bike battery”, which is designed for low power operations such as self-start, head lights etc. Now, bearing in mind the above if we add 3 LED/LCD screens in this equation there is no way such screens can run more than 20 mins before battery gets fully drained. To overcome such challenge, we have developed “extremely low power and high luminance screens” which remains highly visible in day and night through purpose-built power management system.


Manufacturing and R&D

We design and manufacture Digital Delivery Boxes from our manufacturing and R&D facility which is expanded in total 35,574.72 Sq feet. Manufacturing facility is fully automated and can produce over 11,000 DD boxes in a day. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certified company.

Hardware & Software

Hardware plays key role in digital box manufacturing hence our technical team ensures that right hardware is tested thoroughly before launching to market. Our product meets international standards and has gone through rigorous testing and achieved test certifications Our hardware encompasses with a circuit board that operates within the screen, including the motherboard, graphics card, CPU (Central Processing Unit), ventilation fans, power supply.


Digital delivery box been development through 4 year of research & development and went through testing from independent authorities.Multiple factors are considered including below while developing DD Box

Road safety
Power consumption
Durability of the screen in hot or cold condition
Electric wiring safety
Weather condition (temperature, dust, rain)
Durability of the internal hardware while in operation


Detailed specifications

Internal Module

Built-in Sensors Illuminance Sensor, GPS Module
Display 1920x1080 High Luminance LCD Display (1200cd) x 3 units
Communication - LTE Modem
LCD Signal (LVDS) 1 to 3 Divider

Power usage

Within 12v 3 -5A
No additional battery used due to health and safety of rider and food.
OS: Android 4.4.4
Internal Storage:8GB EMMC Flash (Extensible)

Operating Condition

18 to 80 °C
IP 66 standard (Waterproof and dustproof)


15 kg


Day 700-1400cd
Night 350cd
Display Power Technology setting technology to save battery power.
Screens are 4.3 times lighter than any other similar screen panels to reduce overall weight.

Box material

Eco-friendly material. Recyclable Polycarbonate
Heat & shock-resistant, non-corrosive


Our software team focus on launching next generation products by adopting device mesh, machine learning, analytics, big data and cloud technologies. Our software team is highly competent to manage existing legacy portfolio of our inhouse developed software to run DD Box also developing new updated software to meet the latest requirements.

Features Detailed specifications
Operating System 5 in house software for integration to delivery as well as adverting platform
Open APIs to add any other 3rd party advertisement
Inhouse built operating system
Dashboard Full management dashboard for advertisement management
Communication LG communication LTE system
Connectivity Bluetooth
Test Certificates

Ensuring product quality and safety is critical for us to keep people and property safe. Our products are assessed by independent certifying authorities for its performance and safety that is not only for the delivery rider as well as for the other road users. DD Box meets all the legal/regulatory requirements set by global regulatory authorities including USA, Europe and Japan.

Regulation Description
EN50498:2010 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Product family standard for aftermarket electronic equipment in vehicles.
FCC Part 15 Federal regulation that sets limitations on the amount of electromagnetic interference allowed from digital and electronic devices.
VCC-CISPR 32:2016 Certification for multimedia equipment
Article 20.3 Software promotion act Software quality approval level 2
Intellectual Property Management Enterprise Article 32 of the (Framework Act on Intellectual Property) and Article 24-2 of the (Invention Promotion Act).
Clause 3, Article 58-2 of radio waves act Radio wave act


Our busines model and product is patented in 154 countries in the world